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When Is It Time to Become a Yoga Instructor

    So when do you know you are ready to impart the wisdom that you have achieved through a dedicated yoga practice? Surely, not everyone is as lucky to act on epiphanies and away they go to a remote ashram in the hills to practice to become a yogi.

    There are certifications provided by official bodies that confer the rights of a yoga teacher on specific individuals who have gone through the rigors of 200, 300, 500, or even 1000-hour of yoga practice. The courses taught during these Yoga Teacher Training or YTT enable and equip you with the knowledge and in-depth familiarity with anatomy to become a yoga teacher.

    Why Do You Want to Become a Yoga Teacher

    The question that should be nagging your thoughts initially is why are you choosing to go down this path? Yoga teaching lifestyle is a first and foremost a matter of passion. You should be passionate about the wisdom, the movement, the health benefits that yoga has to offer. Passion is the starting point for any endeavor in life; so it is the case with yoga.

    Putting in Hours of Practice to Become a Yoga Instructor

    No one can become a yogi overnight. That is certainly not how yoga is designed. It is more than just asanas; there’s a lot of depth to the practice of yoga. For example, everyone can crank out a decent upward-facing dog, but few people have the knowledge or even care to know that the point is to tighten your abdomen, glutes, flex your triceps, and a whole host of alignments checkboxes that need to be ticked to get into a perfect upward-facing dog.

    These are the fruits of spending countless hours practicing the art of yoga on your own or in the presence of a learned yogi. A teacher can guide you where your self-awareness may lack in a few places. The point is to earn your stripes and put in the work. There is a golden rule to mastering anything: spend 10,000 hours doing it. Now that requires a ton of commitment, which would be impossible to have without passion.

    The Courses and Your Road to Certification

    The next logical step on your journey to becoming a yoga instructor is to look for the best available courses out there. There are so many places offering yoga courses these days due to the sheer popularity of yoga that has ballooned in recent years. You can check out some of the best places to get certified as a yoga instructor here.

    200, 300, 500-hour courses

    Beginners, who have put a year’s worth of practice behind, are most commonly advised to take up the 200-hour yoga teacher training course or YTT. Another most commonly enrolled yoga course is the 300-hour course. There are 500 and 1000-hour courses for people with a little more practice. The beginning courses differ from the advanced courses primarily on the depth of the yoga wisdom the course aspires to cover. But generally, all the courses cover aspects of anatomy, asana, and philosophy with some focusing on medicine and other forms of herbal techniques as well.

    Register as a Yoga Instructor

    Now that you have put in the hours and even learned under the tutelage of the best yogis in the world in 200-hour YTT courses, it is time to get yourself some credentials. You already stand out from the rest of the people with your yoga wisdom and deep practice, but you don’t have that plaque that hangs on the walls of the yoga studios across the world that screams authority.

    The Yoga Alliance is the most popular worldwide accrediting body for yoga instructors. Their requirements include that you should be well-versed in the field of yoga and that you should have completed the 200-hour course.

    Once you get the certification from the Yoga Alliance, you can proudly display it on your studio wall or just pin it to your person as a badge of honor and respect.

    The Abilities a Yoga Instructor Must Possess

    It is well and good to get certified and to have completed hours upon hours of courses but to teach live audiences, you need to start teaching. Yoga enthusiasts who attend the courses on YTT don’t just magically reappear from the hills of Bali or wherever they take the YTT courses and start commanding huge workshops, full of people.

    Confidence of Teaching Yoga

    Most often than not, people get cold feet when they finally realize that they are going to be starting their studio and that a whole room full of people will be guided by the sound of their voice. For a long time after you have earned all the credentials required to become a yoga instructor, you will be struggling to build that confidence to guide people into peaceful yoga poses.

    Good Observation Skills

    Managing a crowd that looks up to you for guidance is a huge responsibility, and many novice yoga instructors are not able to focus on every individual. The reason is simple. It takes years and years of teaching to become acquainted with the tiny idiosyncrasies of movement. Honing that coveted yoga instructors’ observation skills takes practice, but you will get there in due time if you keep at it.


    Yoga instructors are the most empathetic people. Maybe it is a side effect of hours upon hours of pranayama or meditation, but the skill of empathy is central to becoming a good yoga instructor. Think of it this way, you have the power to guide your clients to peace, make them feel rejuvenated and relaxed, and that means that you should be able to listen closely to your clients’ traumas, needs, and pain.


    So maybe you did have that epiphany moment when you decided that you wanted to become a yoga instructor, however, you should be aware that becoming a yoga instructor and doing and teaching yoga for a living takes time; hours upon hours. So if you are not in for the long haul, you won’t make it. This guide elaborated on the process to aid you in deciding by yourself.