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10 Best Yoga Travel Bags

    Carrying your yoga mat to the class seems quite awkward. However, yoga travel bags are there to help you with this purpose. Just when you leave the house, all you need to do is to roll the mat and put it in the bag. This will surely look… Read More »10 Best Yoga Travel Bags

    10 Best Yoga Books

      Books are essentially distilled wisdom. Pick a book, read it cover to cover, or flip it through, and you would, in a couple of hours, learn that which took experts years to find. Now, imagine learning from the best yogi in the world? Not possible, you say? Well,… Read More »10 Best Yoga Books

      yoga class on the beach

      8 Beach and Yoga Retreats

        Yoga and water have a mystical connection. When Bruce Lee advised us to be more like water, he was referring to that eternal balance that water naturally achieves. Water shows us to be balanced and fluid in movement. Similarly, like water, yoga focuses on balance, flow, and fluidity… Read More »8 Beach and Yoga Retreats