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8 Beach and Yoga Retreats

    Yoga and water have a mystical connection. When Bruce Lee advised us to be more like water, he was referring to that eternal balance that water naturally achieves. Water shows us to be balanced and fluid in movement. Similarly, like water, yoga focuses on balance, flow, and fluidity of movement.

    A Beachside Yoga Retreat Offers a Complete Zen Experience

    Beachside yoga retreats are a complete mind/body experience that will leave you attuned to the natural flow of life. Attain a relaxed mind with the aid of soothing sounds of waves and spectacular beachside views.

    A yoga experience on the beach will leave you with a perpetual memory of bliss and joy. With the ocean breeze in your hair and white sands in between your toes, your senses will be captured by the purity of nature that surrounds you. It’s hard not to stay present in such a natural setting.

    So start planning your next yoga retreat on a sandy beach to soak up Vitamin D on sun-drenched beaches, enjoy surfing and swimming in cool blue waters, and take a bite of the most exquisite vegan foods. Here are 8 beach and yoga retreats that will give you an otherworldly experience.

    An experience that has the potential to transform you inwardly through an introspective journey into your soul and outwardly through a deep connection with nature by surfing and swimming the world’s most beautiful seas.

    1. Fuertexperience

    The Fuertexperience is a yoga retreat of contrasting landscapes. One moment you will be conquering the grainy sand dunes, and the next you will be surfing on high waves in the cool blue waters of the ocean. Just like nature that achieves its balance through leveling off the effects of extreme climes, so will you by experiencing the grains of sand giving way under your feet one moment, and the next, by cruising your way on a surfboard, literally riding the tide. Adding to the itinerary of fun activities is an E-bike ride to the world’s oldest volcanic craters that will awaken the explorer in you. Fuertexperience offers an experience that will stay with you for quite some time.

    The early yoga sessions on the beach will fill you with the energy to keep up with the day’s fun-filled activities. The luxurious apartments overlook the splendid shores at Corralejo. The resort also has a swimming pool along with sunbathing beds that are guaranteed to provide you with a comfortable, lazy afternoon siesta after a trip on E-bikes to the nearest volcanic craters.

    Experienced surfing instructors will teach you surfing lessons, kite surfing, and Stand Up Paddle or SUP. In the evenings, wind down with a yin yoga session and take a stroll about the island of Fuerteventura.

    2. Black Swan Temple

    A devoutly mystical experience in exotic Hawaii, the Black Swan Temple is a place of healing, achieving clarity of mind, and rejuvenation of the body. The aerial yoga session is a transformational mind/body experience. Due to constantly tensing up, our bodies rarely feel their own weight. After an aerial yoga session, you will feel every atom’s weight of your body and will be grounded firmly in the here and now.

    After the yoga session, meditate to soothing sounds that will aid in reaching a blissful state of joy and inner peace. With a tailored menu, your body will be treated to organic vegan delights. The forests are ripe with the most exotic food varieties from papaya, to coconuts, and avocadoes. This tropical paradise of a yoga retreat is an ideal place to guide yourself to relaxation and inner peace.

    3. Tribal Tulum

    The yoga retreat capital of Mexico, Tulum, offers the most ideal landscapes for yoga and the opportunity to experience the Mexican culture up close. At the Tribal Tulum yoga retreat, you will enjoy a beautiful integration of yoga and freediving.

    Yoga at the Tribal Tulum is incorporated to enhance your freediving skills by focusing on breath control exercises, or Pranayama. Pranayama yoga will increase your lung capacity and simultaneously offer mind-over-body benefits that are so essential to the art of freediving. This retreat is one for the seekers of water-based adventures.

    Relax your mind and body after an energetic freediving session with walks on the beach, strolls to the markets of Tulum, or lounge and sip on coffee at the local cafes. Life at Tulum is never in a hurry. Settle into the vibe of a truly immersive vacation at Tulum Tribal.

    4. Vida Asana Eco-retreat and Learning Center

    Looking for a surfing experience along the coast of Playa Hermosa with lush green forest views on one side and the vast expansive ocean on the other? The Vida Asana retreat is a blend of modern luxury with a rustic raw natural touch. The rooms are minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The food is a colorful burst of Costa Rican delights and locally-produced vegan and gluten-free gourmet.

    The day at Vida Asana starts with a refreshing and energizing yoga session that will kick your spirits into high gear for the day’s activities that include, but are not limited to, zip-lining across lusciously green treetops, surfing lessons, a Temazcal ceremony, and hikes to majestic waterfalls. A true Pura Vida experience awaits at this beautiful Costa Rican retreat.

    5. Isla Indah Retreat

    The Nusa Lembongan Island is home to some of the most spectacular coastal views that are matched only by its neighbor and competitor, Bali. Enjoy the most elegantly sumptuous gourmet of vegan and gluten-free delights at the Pisang-Pisang restaurant.

    An experience that will bring the natural rhythm of life to your life as effortlessly as possible. Get your thoughts, anxieties, and fears to fall by the wayside and experience the utter joy of a silent retreat that is immersed in the most natural ambiance.

    This 7-day retreat on a fairytale island is a transforming spiritual experience. Surfing on the clear turquoise waters of the sea is going to make you feel an unreal sense of joy and a profound belonging amidst the majestic beauty of the island. After an adventurous surfing session, take a massage in the spa, enjoy a wide array of natural vegan and traditional cuisines, and take a good night’s sleep on the most comfortable bungalow rooms money could buy.

    6. Kandooma Resort

    Kandooma Resort in the Maldives offers that riveting holiday experience that will make you stay in the present like never before. Enjoy the seamlessly integrated experience of comfort and luxury in the midst of untouched nature. Enjoy the sun in the most comfortable lounges and sunbathing beds over the crystal clear turquoise waters of the sea. These over-the-water villas provide that unhindered connection to nature that one would wish for in a holiday yoga retreat. The Kandooma resort is a heaven of a beach and yoga retreat.

    After a stirring session of Vinyasa yoga has awakened every cell of your body, the water-based activities will work your muscles, provide a surreal underwater experience, and cool your senses with the soothing effects of the water. Spend your afternoons lazily in a hammock, sip on tea or coffee, or enjoy a book on the shore and work on your tan.

    7. Go Natural Jamaica

    Home to picturesque beauty, resplendent coastlines along the Jamaican Long Bay, and reggae sounds, the vibes of this Jamaican yoga retreat are hard to shake off.

    A body, mind, and spirit revitalizing experience among the lush green mountains of Jamaican jungles, the Caribbean Sea, and a welcoming Jamaican staff. Enjoy your meditation session on the shores in made-for-meditation spots along the coast. Follow along with guided yoga and meditation sessions in the morning, and enjoy splurging in the ocean’s waters on your own time.

    The activities offered at the Go Natural Jamaica yoga retreat are surfing, Stand Up Paddle or SUP, and snorkeling et cetera. The yoga sessions are tailor-made to your specific needs from rejuvenation, to weight loss, to insomnia treatment et cetera. This yoga retreat has the best to offer in terms of relaxing and rejuvenation in the midst of the most laid-back Jamaican vibes.

    8. Shamballah Retreat

    Looking for a spiritual pilgrimage that promises deepening of meditation and yoga practice among the beautiful sandy coastlines that are ideal for long walks to clear the mind of clutter?

    The Shamballah yoga retreat is perched atop a white rocky cliff that overlooks the expansive sea, making a yoga experience here, one for the true lovers of nature.

    Imagine the cool breeze caressing your face while you enjoy a peaceful yoga session on the lawn of the yoga retreat. Climb down to the coastline for a walk surrounded by the majestic beauty of this Portuguese coastline. The yoga retreat is part of the Sintra Natural Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.

    Enjoy morning and evening yoga sessions followed by calming meditation for clarity of mind and silencing of thoughts. The yoga sessions are catered to the needs of all levels. The meals are vegan-based designed to rid the body of toxins and provide nourishment with the intention of satisfying individual preferences.


    Yoga and water have a mystical connection. Therefore, beach and yoga retreats are the most attractive destinations among yoga enthusiasts looking for a fun-filled relaxing vacation along with an integrative mind/body experience.

    The sounds of the water will aid in deepening your experience by engaging your senses. Take a look at these 8 beach and yoga retreats along with many others over at to book your next vacation in the most mesmerizing landscapes and beaches in the world.