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7 Best Yoga Retreats in Mexico

    Yoga retreats in Mexico draw in huge numbers of tourists and travelers every year because they are mostly situated on stunning white sandy beaches and beautiful tropical landscapes. Home to the ancient Mayan civilization, the Mexican culture is a living embodiment of ancient totemic wisdom.

    What Makes Yoga Retreats in Mexico Different?

    The Mexican culture and cuisine (think tacos and quesadillas) are the colorful attractions of a country that prides itself on its traditions. Blessed with ancient archaeological sites, white sandy beaches that extend for miles and miles, food that is nourished by the rich Mexican soil, an ancient culture, and a hospitable people, Mexico is the top destination-of-choice for yoga retreats. 

    So given the obvious natural beauty of Mexico, there is an abundance of nature and wellness resorts and spas that offer the best yoga retreat experience. Narrowing down the list from hundreds of spectacular eco-resorts and yoga retreats, here are the top 7 best yoga retreats in Mexico in no specific order. 

    1. Pura Vida Spa and Yoga Retreat

    ‘Pure life’. That is what Pura Vida Spa and Yoga Retreat has in store for its visitors and guests. Located near Yelapa village, Pura Vida is right on the edge of the beach. The Pura Vida Spa and Yoga Retreat offers yoga, qigong, deep and insightful meditation, surfing, and diving along with other wellness packages. 

    The holistic healing at the on-premise holistic center is a place to resolve deep-seated trauma, anxieties, depression, PTSD, and a host of other mental and physical ailments through the use of ancient and modern techniques like Breathwork sessions, Stone Therapy, Water Therapy et cetera. 

    By increasing one’s awareness through insightful meditation practice, the Pura Vida is a place where one can be at ease with oneself, the community, and nature. Moreover, the Pura Vida’s holistic healing center offers restorative healing massages that can help the body let go of the stiffness in the deep tissues. 

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    2. Maya Tulum

    The coast of Tulum is dotted with many yoga retreats and spas, but the Maya Tulum stands out as one of the best coastal yoga retreats. The qualified instructors at Maya Tulum offer various forms of yoga as well as surfing, diving, and snorkeling lessons. 

    With the Caribbean Sea at a stone’s throw away, Maya Tulum offers the experience of diving into the world’s most colorful coral reefs. Nourish yourself with tropical coconut water and fresh vegan-based meals and smoothies. Give yourself a rejuvenating facial and exfoliation at the spa. 

    The spa’s various body therapies make use of locally-sourced honey, crushed herbs, and clay that leaves you with radiant skin. A stay at the Maya Tulum spa and yoga retreat will help keep you rested and relaxed throughout the vacation. 

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    3. Beyond Yoga Retreat

    An eco-luxurious spacious villa that is equipped with modern facilities of a luxury resort is also integrated with elements of nature that ultimately create an experience of comfort and belonging. Just like nature nourishes us like the gentle touch of a mother, similarly, one feels pampered and cared for at the Beyond Yoga Resort. 

    The spa includes packages for massages, facials, pedicures, and manicures to help you relax into life at the resort. The Al Fresco Yoga sessions will not only harmonize body and mind, but the breathtaking jungle view atop the balcony will let you synchronize with nature as well. For your nourishing needs, the resort offers a wide variety of nutritiously-dense meals that will reinvigorate your body after a sweaty session on the yoga mat. 

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    4. NÔMADE

    This multi-purpose establishment in Tulum provides a unique blend of modern amenities and natural aesthetics. The culture at this yoga retreat typifies the simple life of nomads of the ancient Mayan civilization without the austerity that goes with a nomad life. The influence of ancient Mayans is evident from the rituals, like the fire ritual, and ancient healing therapies that make use of locally-sourced herbs and food. 

    A sense of belonging is produced through the use of ceremonies that encourage sharing and participation. The NÔMADE is a fancy resort and ranks as one of the more expensive options on this list of the 7 best yoga retreats in Mexico. 

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    5. 4-day Inner Wisdom Private or Couples Retreat

    The sense of racing through life can eventually lead to a dimming of one’s inner light. We feel constrained and suffocated because of the overwhelming responsibilities of routine life. Our vision of life gets muddied with insignificant things, and we cannot see the forest for the trees. It’s always best to give yourself a break from time to time. The 4-day Inner Wisdom retreat will help you in reaching valuable life insights. 

    During the retreat, you will start to feel an improvement in relationships not only with others but most importantly, with yourself. The retreat is located in Oaxaca, Mexico. Yoga and meditation sessions are conducted in the main studio that has a spacious and ambient vibe. 

    The guided inquiry, kundalini, and other meditative practices will help you reach deep insights about yourself, the world, and the nature of reality. 

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    6. Xinalani Yoga Retreat

    Perched on the side of a lush green hill that faces the Pacific Coast, the Xinalani Yoga Retreat is a dream paradise for the ‘travel-for-wellness’ crowd. The spacious yoga studio has daily guided yoga sessions. Also, there are many meditation spots along the beach and in the hills. The bamboo is the main building material used to give the resort an eco-friendly and bio-sustainable look. Food is regarded as sacred and the body is treated to some of the most carefully-crafted cuisines that suit the vegan lifestyle of the people staying at Xinalani Yoga Retreat. 

    Activities at the yoga retreat include ancient practices such as the cleansing ritual called Temazcal. Off-premises, there are a lot of fun activities to choose from. There are surfing, diving, hiking, and cooking lessons and sessions to keep the guests busy in exploring the beauty of life at Xinalai along with the quest for personal discovery. 

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    7. Hridaya Yoga

    Hridaya in Sanskrit means ‘the heart’. Hridaya Yoga focuses on enriching one’s life through meditative practices combined with yoga movements. The Hridaya yoga is based on opening your heart to the world to let in compassion and joy. Through silent meditations, chakra meditation, and a whole host of a vast itinerary of meditative and yoga practices one feels total serenity and peace of mind. 

    The Hridaya Yoga retreat is located on the Pacific Coast in Oaxaca surrounded by green hills and sandy beaches. The Dark Room Retreat offered at Hridaya Yoga is a perfect place to sit still with your thoughts for longer intervals at a time in pitch dark to deepen your clarity of mind. 

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    These 7 best yoga retreats in Mexico provide an unmatched experience in terms of service, natural beauty, diving and surfing activities, and retreats. Yoga and meditative practices at these yoga retreats are enhanced by the presence of raw and untouched nature. Book your stay in one of these yoga retreats over at bookretreats.com.