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The 5 Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

    Exploring options for a yoga retreat in Bali? You will never regret coming to this beautiful oasis of mindfulness. Now more important than ever. Our minds are never at rest due to the constant exposure to stressors in our modern lives. Life can get overwhelming and people get swamped with work, losing work-life balance. This takes a toll on our minds as well as bodies. The body and mind need to be reset and recharged after a hectic and unhealthy lifestyle takes a toll on them. Yoga is one of the best ways to spiritually nourish the body and mind.

    Yoga is a Vacation for the Mind

    It has also been scientifically proven to improve mood, boost productivity and relieve stress. Therefore, it is not only a mental-health booster, but it can work wonders for your productivity as well. Medical experts recommend taking a break from routine life once in a while. People go on vacations for the same reason.

    But a better way is to not only enjoy vacationing in the countryside and beaches but at the same time get one’s mind and body cleansed of negativity. This is where yoga retreats come in. These retreats provide the most surreal mind/body spiritual experience. People join these yoga retreats to unwind themselves.

    What are Yoga Retreats?

    Yoga retreats are the ultimate spiritual experience in the sense that there is a nurturing community, organic homegrown food that nourishes the body with antioxidants and vitamins, and guided yoga sessions in the most mesmerizing landscapes that can only be described as vacation heaven.

    Top 5 Best Yoga Retreats in Bali

    Speaking of vacation heavens, let’s take a look at the top 5 best yoga retreats in Bali, Indonesia, and how you can get your yoga retreat booked right away. Bali is home to one of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth. It has been rightly called the ‘Island of the Gods’.

    There are coastal as well as non-coastal resorts and retreats that offer different packages for travelers, tourists, corporates, professionals, and yoga enthusiasts. Following are the top 5 best yoga retreats in Bali in no specific order. Also, at there are NO CANCELLATION FEES!

    Pelan Pelan Yoga and Surf

    1. Pelan Pelan Yoga & Surf Bali

    This surf and yoga resort has a calm vibe to it. People looking for some peace, with not a lot of tourists, should check this resort. It gives you a taste of Balinese culture in a nonchalant manner. Pelan Pelan literally means ‘taking it slow’. People at this resort believe in sinking in with nature and not rushing things. That’s the vibe that you will get at Pelan Pelan. One feels at ease enjoying the bounteous joys that this resort has to offer. This resort is the best place to quieten your mind and body and let go of the anxieties that come with a busy life.

    Pelan Pelan is in the countryside, north of the bustling town of Canggu, in a village called Cemagi. Insulated from the hustle and bustle of city life, life at Pelan Pelan stands in contrast to a busy life. Complementing the organic lifestyle of the retreat is the presence of the ocean, where a local Balinese instructor helps guests orient themselves with wave surfing. The presence of the ocean alongside the retreat adds an element of a zen-like flow to life at Pelan Pelan.

    Guests are offered various packages at the retreat ranging from 5-day to 7-day packages, instructive and follow-along sessions in surfing and yoga, and body massages to help guests unwind physically as well as mentally.

    Blooming Lotus Yoga

    2. Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreat

    This yoga retreat in Ubud is famous for its emphasis on traditional spiritual aspects of yoga, i.e attainment of a greater understanding of reality. This yoga retreat offers the perfect opportunity for retreaters to immerse themselves in a deep ayurvedic-inspired yogic tradition. The chance to experience and learn about the ancient traditions of yoga from certified yoga experts is the most unique and compelling trait of the Blooming Lotus Yoga Retreat. Surrounded by magical forests, waterfalls, and a nice blend of modern architecture infused with natural elements make it one of the top 5 best yoga retreats in Bali.

    The Blooming Lotus provides in-person teacher training sessions and meditative retreats in the tranquil Ubud forests surrounded by the sound of waterfalls and indigenous birds. Asana and other forms of yoga that have been passed down from the ancient yogis are practiced at Blooming Lotus. Needless to say, the resort is highly recommended for hardcore yoga enthusiasts.

    Kura Kura Bali

    3. Kura Kura

    Kura Kura literally means ‘turtle’ in Balinese. Yoga retreaters come to let go of the constant competition of life and let life slow down to a turtle’s pace. With its beautiful landscapes, one feels a real connection with nature and a sense of peace fills one’s soul. Kura Kura is just a stone’s throw away from the Seseh beach. Kura Kura retreat is also near Echo Beach, a major surfing attraction in Bali.

    There is the main Shala (a large hall where people gather to participate in yoga sessions) in the middle of the resort that is in front of a swimming pool. One can always swim in the waters of the pool on a bright, resplendent Balinese afternoon. The suites are spacious, minimalistic and the beds and pillows are so enticingly soft that it invites one to snooze and recharge.

    Retreaters wake up to the soft chirping of birds and start their day with a walk on the beach, soothing meditation, or energizing yoga. The menu consists of vegetarian homegrown food and salads that are high in antioxidants and vitamins.

    Oneworld Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment

    4. Oneworld Ayurveda

    This resort offers its unique Panchakarma, which is deep body and mind detoxification with the help of essential oils that relieves the body of any residual stresses and wears and tears. Oneworld Ayurveda focuses on Ayurvedic medicines, diets, and detoxification recipes that are prepared by certified ayurvedic doctors. The Oneworld Ayurveda encapsulates the wisdom of ayurvedic medicinal knowledge and prescribes organic foods rich in nutrients as the perfect antidote to the diseases borne out of a modern lifestyle.

    The resort overlooks forests that give the surrounding a green and sunshiny feel. Everything is organic here from the food, to the Panchakarma treatments, ensuring that you can completely unclog and flush away the toxicity of the outside world. It really is a peaceful haven. Oneworld Ayurveda overlooks some of the most spectacular views ever from the resort’s balconies that are a part of each and every suite in the resort.

    Isla Indah

    5. Isla Indah Yoga Retreat — Nusa Lembongan

    Do you want to experience all the things that you could on a vacation and combine them with yoga? The Isla Indah at Nusa Lembongan in Bali is the perfect place for you. It offers all forms of yoga and meditation sessions along with free diving and snorkeling for all levels and a heartwarming experience of openness that is shared in the culture of the resort. Being a coastal retreat, it offers surfing packages as well.


    You can go on a vacation, roam around some of the busiest cities and countries, but it would not help you destress, detox and unplug. Bali, with its unreal beauty, sandy beaches, and yoga retreats offers the best experience that you could want out of a vacation. Go on over to to book your next refreshing yoga retreat at these 5 best yoga retreats in Bali. All the packages and deals offered by the resorts are listed over at