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5 Amazing Low-budget Yoga Retreats

    One of the greatest benefits of Yoga is its simplicity. Assume the warrior’s pose, sink into it, let your mind and body relax, and Bingo! You are in nirvana.

    Yoga Retreats on a Budget

    That’s the beauty of yoga. It’s accessible to everyone. But when you crave the sense of belonging that follows from a stay at a yoga retreat, you are actually realizing the powerful effect of a community feeling. The feeling of a shared purpose, goal, and experience is hard to resist.

    People who have experienced staying at yoga retreats know that it is a comprehensive body and mind vacation that just surpasses the ordinary delights of a normal vacation.

    With fewer dollars to spare, you do not have to fret. In fact, these 5 amazing low-budget yoga retreats are the best options among many yoga retreats that offer the best yoga experience, vacation-oriented and fun-filled activities, and the chance to explore amazing culture, cuisine and nature.

    That said, let’s dive into the 5 amazing low-budget yoga retreats in the world.

    1. Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat

    (Total Budget: $534; less than $90 a day for 6-day yoga retreat)

    Shaded under beautiful palm trees on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas, the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat is a dream spot for anyone looking to experience the stillness of mind and relaxation of the body. Enjoy yoga right in front of the bright blue waters of the ocean in the Bahamas. The Ashram offers an immersive yoga and meditation experience that is enhanced by the vivid beauty of its surroundings.

    Follow a well-organized schedule for the day that will focus on increasing the quality of your mind, nourishing your body and create a sense of belonging with the community. Gather for the Satsang where visitors seek answers to questions from the local shamans into the realities of truth and the nature of being.

    The teacher training program attracts young yoga professionals from around the world seeking to qualify for the Ashram’s certification. The food is a locally sourced delightful array of vegan options to choose from that are interspersed with whole grains, giving you a filling, healthy treat.

    2. BaliGreen Retreat and Spa

    Total Budget: $933 (For 21-day yoga retreat that is approximately $50 a day)

    With just under $50 a night, the BaliGreen Retreat and Spa is one of the most enticing options for anyone looking for amazing low-budget yoga retreats. Bali is the Mecca for yoga enthusiasts, and it is not surprising to find the island teeming with visitors the whole year-round. But it can be hard to locate a low-budget yoga retreat that offers so much in the way of natural beauty and yoga experience that is rooted in Bali’s ancient yogic history.

    The Balinese yoga practice known as Watukaru is said to have originated when the ancient masters of yoga congregated on mount Batukaru, which is not far away from BaliGreen Retreat and Spa.

    The yoga retreat and spa is surrounded by lush green hills of rice paddies. The usual day at the yoga retreat starts early with a Watukaru yoga practice. After this, the visitors of the yoga retreat are free to roam in the village, go for a hike, ride on a bicycle, or take part in a long list of activities that constitute a typical day at the village. These include rice plantation, coconut oil extraction, and cooking in the traditional Balinese style.

    A nearby waterfall is a perfect place to purify one’s body and mind through silent meditation under the waterfall. The daily spa treatment includes deep tissue massages, acupressure, and a whole host of rejuvenation treatments.

    3. El Sabanero Eco Lodge

    Total Budget: $945 (5-day yoga retreat will cost just under $200 a day)

    The El Sabanero yoga retreat is in the beautiful Canafistula valley in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The El Sabanero villa is nestled in the center of the valley surrounded by the most picturesque hills. Visitors can take a dip in the swimming pool of El Sabanero or take a ride offered by the staff to the nearest beach.

    A new day at the lodge starts with a refreshing session of yoga at the Casa Club. After a nutritious breakfast, the visitors of the lodge are free to take part in a number of activities that will make their stay a memorable and fun experience. The range of off-premise activities on offer at the El Sabanero Eco Lodge is absolutely astounding. Apart from such amazing scenic views to look at, there is ziplining, horseback riding, Stand Up Paddle, and surfing.

    The El Sabanero Eco Lodge is a fine blend between indigenous culture and modern facilities. The food consists of various vegan delights and smoothies. The El Sabanero provides an exotic experience for your vacation needs and the yoga retreat is an excellent way to unplug from the humdrum of daily life. Therefore, it is no wonder that at such low prices, the El Sabanero Eco Lodge has rightly made it to our list of 5 amazing low-budget yoga retreats.


    4. Eden Yoga Retreat

    Total Budget: $625 (Under $90 a day)

    Located a little ways from the magical town of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, the Eden Yoga Retreat is like a South American paradise. A trip to the town of San Juan Del Sur, provided for by the yoga retreat, is just minutes away. The yoga session is an unreal experience with mesmerizing Nicaraguan hills in the distance, light blue waters of the ocean, and the crisp morning air in the midst of a tropical jungle, the yoga experience does not get better than this.

    After the yoga session, the guests can choose from a variety of activities to engage in, i.e horseback riding, surfing or catamaran boat riding in the Pacific Ocean, and hiking in the hill forests. At just under $89 a day, the Eden yoga retreat is one of the most amazing low-budget yoga retreats in Nicaragua.


    5. Srimal Plantation Villa

    Total Budget: $580 (Just over a $100 a day for 5-day retreat)

    The Srimal Plantation Villa provides a unique experience of a traditional Sri Lankan village life along with the comforts of a hotel suite for just over $100 a day. That’s a sweet bargain for a program that provides daily yoga and meditation sessions, healthy vegan food that is sourced from the plantation itself, and a great many numbers of activities based on the local village lifestyle that will keep your schedule booked with wholesome community-building activities.

    The Srimal yoga retreat offers a 5-day detoxification program that is based on restorative yoga, mindfulness meditation, and pure vegan food. The profits from the plantation and yoga retreat are reinvested in the local community, meaning that the whole village and the plantation are self-sustaining thanks to the visitors of Srimal Plantation Villa that come to experience the exotic life of the village.



    Yoga retreats that are affordable and do not put a strain on the purse are not that rare actually. Treating yourself to a relaxing vacation that soothes your mind, nourishes your body, and uplifts your spirits does not have to be sacrificed in order to save up on your expenses.

    Go on book your next yoga retreat in one of these 5 amazing low-budget yoga retreats over at bookretreat.com. There are many, many low-budget retreats like these in our vast yoga retreats catalog.