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4 Unknown Yoga Retreats in Europe

    Yoga is mostly associated with the far East. Having originated there, yoga and its various forms have developed side by side with Eastern cultures. The influence of the Eastern languages in yoga is evident from the names of the poses and styles.

    It, therefore, isn’t surprising when people think yoga retreats and Europe are nothing short of an oxymoron (two things that are opposites of each other). But nothing could be farther from the truth.

    Yoga Retreats in Europe are Better?

    In fact, Europe provides some of the most alluring scenes of raw nature which will guarantee an experience that is at least on par, if not above, the exotic retreats in Asia provide.

    With so many people in Europe now flocking towards a restorative yoga experience after the pandemic lockdown measures are lifting, resorts are hard-pressed to accommodate as many guests as possible.

    Yoga retreats are an immersively relaxing experience, but booking an actual yoga retreat where stillness is not sacrificed over the altar of booking as many visitors as possible can get difficult. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. We bring you the 4 lesser-known yoga retreats in Europe.

    Here is a list of 4 unknown yoga retreats in Europe that will provide that off-the-beaten road experience that everyone ought to crave in a yoga retreat.

    1. The Joy of the Mediterranean

    Surrounded by dense jungles, enchanting blue waters of the Adriatic, and a rich Mediterranean tradition, this European marvel of a yoga retreat is located in the famous Mljet National Park, Croatia. Nature is so pure that one is immediately restored to blissful joy. A yoga experience tailored to the wants and needs of all levels; everyone can experience the oneness of body and mind encircled by the most stunning views.

    The food and drink at the resort are prepared with your nourishing and detoxification needs in mind. Homegrown, organic, and prepared by a macrobiotic chef, the Al Fresco buffet lunches and dinners are scrumptious delights.

    After the yoga session and breakfast in the morning, take your bicycle for a ride on the winding road that cuts through the beautiful park. Go for a hike in the hills, or visit the most magical place on earth: Cave Odysseus. This cave is as mythical as it sounds. Take a dive into the underwater passageways of the cave in waters of the bluest blue you can imagine.

    Unwind with Yin yoga in the evening. The accommodations are spacious stone cottages with large windows that let plenty of sunlight in, giving the rooms a surreal and magical look.

    2. La Borde Blanque

    This quaint French country farmhouse is for people with refined tastes. The chalet is tucked away in the vicinity of the Pyrenees bordered by the beautiful Lac de Montbel. The waters of Lac de Montbel are incredibly pure and blue, and a swim in the waters of the lake is a refreshing delight in the summers. The rooms are decorated in the classic French style with toile fabrics for bedsheets and curtains. The chalet reminds one of the castles in the middle ages with its walls of stone and large windows and doors.

    The day at the La Borde Blanque starts off with a yoga session where the focus is on the value of giving and receiving love and care. After this, the guests are free to choose from a variety of off-premise and on-premise activities.

    The adventure seekers can go hiking and even skiing in the mountains depending on the weather. The food at the La Borde Blanque is an experience in authentic French vegetarian cuisines presented and consumed outdoors in the midst of beautiful French countryside. The day unwinds with a relaxing yoga session at the spacious studio.

    3. 4Elements Surf and Yoga Retreat

    Portugal has some of the most amazing coasts in the whole of Europe. Portuguese waters are famous among surfers for the waves. A retreat where you can not only achieve stillness of mind and body but also the opportunity to ride the waves of the ocean. The 4Elements Retreat is one of the smallest and lesser-known retreats on this list of 4 unknown yoga retreats in Europe. It is located in the village of Póvoa de Penafirme, near the festive town of Santa Cruz.

    The Silver Coast near the retreat is a thing of magnificent beauty. One can go surfing on the breaking waves after a refreshing yoga session in the morning. The local surfing specialists will teach you the surfboard and take you to see the biggest breaking wave at Nazaré.

    You will be treated to selectively cultivated vegetarian food. The food is prepared to provide a perfect combination of good taste and the most nutritious value per bite.

    4. Rustic Retreats

    Looking to drop off the main grid for a while and have a total overhaul of your body and mind? Well, the Rustic Retreats offers the most unique rural experience. Located at the base of the ruggedly beautiful Sierra Espuna, Rustic Retreats is an oasis of calm and relaxation. The retreat provides the feeling of disconnect from the business of the outside world. This is a place to find the ultimate peace of mind.

    The morning at the retreat starts with a vigorous Vinyasa yoga session. That is followed by a sustainingly wholesome breakfast buffet that constitutes some of the freshest fruits and vegetables that the Spanish soil has to offer. All of the food items are locally produced and procured.

    The resort offers hiking and bicycling in the rustic hills surrounding the resort. The accommodation is a bell tent that is equipped with solar electricity and an internet connection. In the evenings, the yogi will guide you through a winding down session of Yin yoga, after which dinner is served.


    Europe is lifting strict lockdown measures, and soon the resorts and yoga retreats will be teeming with desperate visitors looking for a release from the anxieties of the past year. The 4 unknown yoga retreats in Europe highlighted here will provide you with extra choices to explore when the hottest yoga retreats start getting booked faster than you can say ‘yoga’. To further explore yoga retreats in Europe head on over to bookretreats.com.