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11 Places to Certify as a Yoga Instructor

    So you think you have earned your stripes as a yoga practitioner, and now, you want to become a yoga instructor and help others live a more balanced life? If this sounds like you then you would be thrilled to know that becoming a yoga instructor is easier than you think, granted that you are willing to put in the hours.

    Teaching yoga as a career choice is governed by accrediting bodies. The most popularly respected of these bodies is the one called the Yoga Alliance. It is important that before taking up any yoga teacher training or YTT you should find out whether the studio or the instructor is a registered yoga instructor or RYT with the Yoga Alliance.

    Always ask for Yoga Alliance certification before enrolling yourself in a YTT course because no one wants to embark on a spiritual journey with a no-good spiritual hack. The half-baked ideas of such spiritual hacks can cause more damage than good.

    There are a lot of YTT programs out there, but first, let’s find out what are the essential ingredients of a YTT program.  

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      What Will You Learn from Yoga Teacher Training Program

      To become a registered yoga instructor or RYT, you need to enroll in a yoga course or simply YTT. But when should you take that leap? If you want to know more about when is the right time to become a yoga instructor, you can check out this article.

      You must put years of practice behind before you even think of enrolling in a course. And secondly, aside from finding it hard to enroll if you haven’t had practice, you would face insurmountable obstacles in completing the course anyway.

      In general, in any YTT course, you will learn about yoga asanas, anatomy, philosophy, and even the yoga diet. You will develop a greater love and understanding for yoga by learning of its roots, its philosophy, and the connection of good alignment in asanas with the body’s anatomical knowledge.

      Types of Courses

      Not all courses are the same. The most common type of YTT program is the 200-hour course, which is the quintessential teacher training program. There are 500-hour courses as well. Apart from the course lengths, the courses differ in the type of yoga that is taught. Some courses focus on calming Yin yoga, while others may focus solely on the rigorous blood-pumping types like Hatha and Vinyasa yoga.

      Places to Get Certifications

      Let’s now explore the 11 places to certify as a yoga instructor. This list includes in-person YTT programs as well as online courses.

      1. YogaWorks Teacher Training Program

      If you are looking for a YTT program that boasts impressive credentials, such as having 30-plus years in the field of yoga teaching, then YogaWorks should be at the top of your list. The YogaWorks program can be considered the gold standard of YTT programs.

      The courses are offered in 10 different countries among the most breathtaking destinations that will help you to learn more about yoga and also let you experience a transforming yoga experience.

      Online courses are also available for people restricted from traveling due to the uncertain travel conditions due to the pandemic. The courses offered at the YogaWorks are the commonly offered 200-hour and the not-so-common 300-hour yoga program.

      2. YogaRenew Teacher Training

      The YogaRenew offers online unlimited access courses. The courses include 200 to 500-hour courses. You can set the pace of learning by yourself. The instructors are readily available in specified Facebook groups or by email. This course will take you a step closer to becoming a full-time yoga instructor with its in-depth yoga teacher training program. The YogaRenew is certified with Yoga Alliance, therefore, once you are done with the course, you can start your studio and earn 

      being a yoga instructor.

      3. East+West

      The East+West yoga teaching program has received praise from all corners of the world. FindYoga called it the best teacher training program out there. LA’s Yoga Magazine called it the ‘coolest yoga teaching program’. It is also registered under the Yoga Alliance. They offer 200-hour programs for mastering the basics and 300-hours for advanced level teaching skills.

      4. YogaMedicine

      When it comes to utilizing the effects of yoga therapeutically to heal internal injuries, trauma, tissue scars et cetera, the YogaMedicine teacher training program is in a league of its own. They offer 200, 500, 1000-hour long programs for teachers to acquaint them with how to take care of students and clients on a one-on-one basis who are seeking non-traditional methods to improve their health.

      5. 200-hour Adhiroha TTC

      Visit the heart of yoga in India and explore the Ayurvedic wisdom that is so interwoven with the yoga tradition in India. The Adhiroha teacher training program offers courses of 200, 300, and 500-hours. The courses are taught by expert Indian yogis who will introduce you to the philosophy, anatomy, asanas, and pranayama aspects in this course.

      6. Pure Yoga

      Pure Yoga offers 200 and 300-hour in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Iyengar yoga styles. Combining modern teaching practices along with ancient yogic knowledge of anatomy and alignment, Pure Yoga brings a truly comprehensive teacher training program.

      7. One Yoga

      Located in Koh Phangan, Thailand, the One Yoga offers programs of 200 and 300-hour teacher training. Learn about anatomy, philosophy, asanas, and pranayama in this course. The course has been designed to broaden your knowledge about yoga and its practical moves are taught with in-depth analysis to familiarize you with the nuances of yoga poses. You can also avail of the courses online, which will give you unlimited access to the courses and also to learn at your own pace.

      8. One Breath of Yoga

      This Mexican retreat offers a 200-hour YTT program that is designed to introduce you to yoga as well as local Mayan-influenced medicine and Temazcal traditions. Located at Puerto Morelos, it is nestled in scenic jungle scenery that will certainly add to anyone’s experience who comes here to get yoga teaching certification. The certifications are accredited by The Yoga Alliance.

      9. Shades of Yoga

      The Shades of Yoga offers 200-hour YTT courses in Bali, South Africa, Spain. Internationally recognized by The Yoga Alliance. Here you will learn to deepen your experience transforming your inner life and learning to impart the same knowledge at studios worldwide. The Shades of Yoga offers the course among the most scenic yoga spots that will help you connect with nature while you work on your asanas to perfect them so that you can take their certification with you.

      10.  Little Flower Yoga

      The YTT program offered at Little Flower Yoga is designed to help you deepen your practice and learn to incorporate the tenets of yoga within your life to benefit the people around you. An interesting aspect of this 100 and 200-hour program is that it will also equip you to teach kids yoga and mindfulness.

      11.  Kripalu 200-hour YTT

      With the Yoga Alliance certification along with four decades of experience in offering yoga teacher training, you can rest assured that you have earned one of the best certifications out there. Kripalu YTT will nurture your body and soul and offer that comprehensive learning experience that will prepare you for the rigors of teaching yoga for a living.


      There are many places to earn your yoga certifications, the best choice will always depend on your needs, the styles you are after (Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa et cetera), and the whether or not you are a beginner opting for a 200-hour course or an experienced practitioner looking to delve deeper with 500 and 1000-hour courses.