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10 Best Yoga Travel Bags

    Carrying your yoga mat to the class seems quite awkward. However, yoga travel bags are there to help you with this purpose. Just when you leave the house, all you need to do is to roll the mat and put it in the bag. This will surely look more classy and your problem will also be solved at the same time. But one thing that needs to be taken into account is that not every bag is a yoga bag. Researchers from different labs teamed up to decide what would make the perfect yoga travel bag for yogis! The purpose was to ensure the safety of the mat as well as to find something that makes the trips easier. Some of the panelists were surveyed later and they were asked about their favorite yoga travel bags. Some of their suggestions have been given below.

    Take a look at the list and see which one suits you the most for your trips.

    1. Lululemon Rolling Yoga Travel Bag

    Lululemon’s yoga travel bag stood first in the results according to the survey because of its exceptional qualities as compared to other bags. Having a practical design along with some fun patterns, it is an easy selection for yogis. There is a zip that runs through the entire length of the bag and hence it is quite simple to put your mat into the bag before starting to travel. In addition to the mat, the bag has space for other necessary things as well such as the keys, credit cards, and water bottle. All in all, this yoga travel bag has everything you need.

    2. Fremous Yoga Travel Bag

    This yoga travel bag comes in various design patterns as well as colors and you can choose the style of your choice. You can put your yoga mat inside and zip it over the mat entirely. This is quite helpful when the weather isn’t so good and you’re afraid of getting your mat damaged. Fremous yoga travel bag is quite durable but one of its disadvantages is that it cannot hold a mat having more than 10mm thickness or 25 inches width. If your mat is a bit thinner and smaller in size, this bag is for you. Don’t forget to give this bag a try and you’ll not regret your decision.

    3. Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

    There used to be traditional tote bags that were quite comfortable and had a charm and style of their own. But such bags are not easy to find these days. But Gaiam yoga travel bag give the same vibe as those traditional bags and have everything you need. You can put your mat inside it and travel to wherever you want. But it isn’t restricted to the mat only, this bag also has space for other accessories required while traveling including a towel, water bottle, keys, and other different yoga accessories. However, if your mat has a width of more than 25 inches, you won’t feel much comfortable while traveling, the same will be the case with your mat.

    4. Yoga Hustle Travel Bag

    Yoga travel bags from Yoga Hustle have always been the best in business, doesn’t matter what size of mat you’re carrying. This bag has a simple design along with its hardware made of brass which makes it even more classy. Because of being a sling, it’s very easy to unroll after the class and pack it up right after. But one of its disadvantages is that it doesn’t cover the mat. So, there is no way you can carry this bag in harsh weather. Because you may lose your mat in that case.

    5. Liforme Yoga Travel Bag

    Liforme yoga travel mat and bag both are very easy choices for yogis who love to travel from one location to another. The mat has its bag designed specifically for it, so the mat will fit perfectly into the bag. The slight lining on the strap is to prevent it from digging into your shoulders. Once you put your mat into the bag, it’ll become heavier but it’s been a remarkable choice and has been used by a lot of yogis.

    6. MB KRAUSS Yoga Travel Bag and Mat Holder

    You can use this bag for yoga as well as for any other workout. Some part of this bag is used to put any equipment required for the workout while there is an internal pocket as well to keep your water bottle with you. You can attach your mat quite easily to the front part of your bag. Besides this, you can also keep your iPad as well as the post-yoga clothes in the bag. So, this bag is the perfect definition of the word “Perfection”.

    7. Kindfolk Yoga Travel Bag

    This yoga travel bag is specifically designed for you to put your mat, blocks, and yoga towel. It has a wider interior area and is quite good if the mat is thicker. This bag has been one of the most sold bags on different online platforms. So, if you’re an experienced yogi and often travel for yoga purposes, there is no better choice for you than this one.

    8. Yoga Sak Travel Bag

    If you ride a bike to go to your yoga class, single-shoulder bags will not be so comfortable for you. The backpack style is best in this regard because it distributes all the weight evenly on both shoulders and that’s why it’s more comfortable. The bag’s length isn’t that much for which the top of the mat comes out. So, there is no way you can use it in rainy or harsh weather. However, the style of this bag makes it a special one. Apart from this, it has some zippered pockets as well for you to put any essential item required. Despite the fact that this bag isn’t the perfect replacement for a gym bag, it’s still quite handy and user-friendly.

    9. Zenifit Yoga Mat Bag

    This bag is quite deeper and has enough space to put your mat entirely in it in a radial direction. Besides this, you can carry any kind of block, straps, resistance bands, water bottle, towel, or any such thing. These bags come in a number of colors out of which you can choose based on your likes and dislikes.

    10. Elenture Full-Zip Yoga Mat Carry Bag

    This bag comes in more than 30 different designs and colors. It is over 25 inches long and can fit any mat of any size. It also has space for other accessories including keys, wallet, smartphone, or any such thing. In addition to this, you can even put a pair of yoga pants in it. So, this is surely an easy choice for yogis.


    Before buying a yoga travel bag, just take a look at all of its specifications and see if it suits you according to your yoga routine. Some of the bags have more room to put all the required accessories while others are capable of holding the mat only. So, it’s up to you now to decide which is your choice.