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10 Best Yoga Books

    Books are essentially distilled wisdom. Pick a book, read it cover to cover, or flip it through, and you would, in a couple of hours, learn that which took experts years to find. Now, imagine learning from the best yogi in the world? Not possible, you say? Well, it’s just as easy as picking a yoga book.

    There are so many yoga books out there that you would be hard pressed to choose one that would satisfy your spiritual needs. There are yoga books suited to various levels, and there are yoga books that serve different purposes. Some people are looking to deepen their yoga practice, while others are looking to understand more about the effect of yoga on human anatomy, while still others are looking to expand their knowledge of yogic philosophy.

    Choosing the right book for your yoga practice is important. Naturally, everyone needs a teacher to guide them through their yoga journey. Why not choose the best teachers in the form of a book, and have them ready at hand all the time.

    So without much further ado, let’s jump straight into the list of 10 best yoga books out there that will take your yoga practice to the next level.

    1. Light on Yoga By BKS Iyengar

    This go-to guide for yoga is a classic that has been around for nearly five decades. The wisdom in the book is coming straight from a true yoga master BKS Iyengar. The book delves deep into the ancient origins and foundations of yoga. Then the book highlights the various asanas and the methods of performing them. With the help of photographs, the author has tried to illustrate the form and technique underlying each asana in exquisite detail. Then finally, the book introduces us to the techniques of Pranayama yoga, which is also called breathing yoga. In pranayama yoga, the focus is on finding control over your breath. The book is a must-have for every yoga enthusiast whether they are a beginner or an advanced practitioner.

    2. Eastern Body, Western Mind By Anodea Judith

    If you are a psychology major or just someone with a little knowledge of Freudian or Jungian philosophies, and you want to see how western psychological science complements the ancient wisdom of the yogis then this marvelous and insightful book is right up your alley. Anodea Judith is a western chakra expert who has a deep understanding of western psychological theories like trauma, child development, Jungian psychology. The book is a detailed look at the chakra system and how each affects an individual’s psychological development. The chapters are divided based on the chakras.

    3. Yoga for Everyone by Dianne Bondy

    This book will change the way you look at yoga forever. This is not just a book, it has inspired a movement against the marginalization of body types in the yoga world. Dianne Bondy’s book contains poses for everyone and not just wiry and flexible people. The book is a guide to get started on your yoga journey no matter where you are right now. Whether you are fat, old with rickety joints, or small this book has something for everyone. It will also leave you empowered and confident in your yoga practice and make you look beyond your physical features into the spirituality of the yoga practice.

    4. The Eight Limbs of Yoga By Stuart Ray Starbacker

    If you want a short easy to read guide on the framework of the yoga teaching system, this guide is for you. It charts a yogi’s journey through eight stages, called limbs, that yogi must pass to reach the stage of enlightenment. The asanas stage is one of the eight stages and is just a stepping stone to bringing contentment and enlightenment to your life. Great for newbies to get to know what the yoga journey entails and also to deepen their practice. It’s one of the most accessible and easiest yoga books to read out there.

    5. The Heart of Yoga By T.K.V Desikachar

    TKV Desikachar was the son and pupil of the great T. Krishnamacharya, the grand teacher of Yoga who influenced greats like BKS Iyengar. If those names don’t ring a bell, don’t worry, this book is not about yogis, it is an in-depth guide into the world of yoga from the teachings of its grandmaster. This classic book on yoga is divided into three parts: the first part deals with asanas, the poses, and how to hold them, and the various techniques are highlighted through photographs; the second part includes the philosophy behind the yoga practice and how to incorporate yoga into your life to deepen your practice; the third and the final part is about yoga sutras and their meaning, especially Patanjali’s Sutras (which is a great yoga book of wisdom mentioned separately below). The Heart of Yoga is great for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

    6. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali By Sri Swami Satchidananda

    A classic sutra book to deepen your yoga practice through introspection and contemplation on problems of ethics, meditation, and postures. A sutra simply means thought-threads that are given to a yoga student to reflect on for himself and reach his truth through exploration of the Sutra. The manual is also accompanied by a commentary by the great Sri Swami Satchidananda who unravels the deep mysteries and knowledge embedded in the sutras that are 4,000 years old.

    7. The Yoga Mind By Rina Jakubowicz

    This is a highly accessible and easy read on applying the principles of yoga in our daily life and practice on the mat. Rina Jakubowicz is a western expert in yoga with over a decade worth of experience teaching and practicing the principles. In this yoga book, she offers us 50 yoga principles that can help us deepen our practice and let us connect with our inner wisdom. This is also a great beginner’s book looking to know about the principles of yoga in general.

    8. Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

    Yoga is a powerful integration of mind and body. The movements, asanas, breathing et cetera are all intricately integrated to provide that euphoric yoga experience. In this book, you will learn about integral yoga movements and how they tie into the knowledge of anatomy. You will learn how to use anatomy better to access untapped yoga capabilities within yourself. Yoga is physical as much as it is mental. Focusing on the mind without how the body operates is neglecting a fundamental aspect of yoga. Dive into this great introductory yoga book into the relationship between yoga and anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff.

    9. Yoga The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness By Erich Schiffmann

    Erich Schiffmann is an expert in the yoga field. In this in-depth book on the practice of yoga as the practice of cultivating your spirit and movement into stillness, Erich describes each asana pose in excruciating detail. This book has so much knowledge into the principles of movement in yoga that even advanced practitioners can find something to improve on from this step-by-step guide.

    10. Living Your Yoga By Judith Lasater

    A Ph.D. scholar who specializes in applying the yoga principles to everyday life experiences, Judith Lasater provides us with a stellar and deeply insightful read in the form of Living Your Yoga. The practice in this book is not about asanas, breathing, or any other cliched yoga thing that you can think of. This is a yoga book that is brutally practical about yoga’s applications to daily life. This book will take your practice and stretch it beyond the mat into the uncharted territories of practical life, providing that unique experience. By reading this book, you will be better equipped to handle the pressures of your daily life in a much better way.


    The practice of yoga is thousands of years old. It is a testament to its effectiveness in improving lives that it is still immensely popular even today. But with anything that is this ancient and yet so popular, it is hard to separate the pure teachings from imposters. Books provide us the wisdom of wise masters without even leaving the comfort of our home. We don’t necessarily have to go to large workshops or seminars to explore the benefits that could be had from practicing yoga. You can pick any of these 10 best yoga books and start deepening your practice along with the wisdom and techniques shared by some of the greatest minds in yoga.